Montag, 5. August 2013

Too Hot Summer...

Hello everyone,

The last time, I couldn't climb very much. The most time I was bouldering on my free days at the Motel/Murgtal at the very early morning. At the Murgtal I couldn't tell you some new things. Oh well, I could climb the boulder Ommadawn-sit at the Steinbrächer-sector. It has some very nice holds, which are finely ground of the water.
Deep cold forest after dynoing
At the Motel I could climb 2 new Problems. One is called "Cold Forest", the other "Deep Cold Forest" which is a deeper version of "Cold Forest".
The boulders are both traverses on crimps and slopers. The "Cold Forest"-boulder has a nice movement, that I hadn't climb, yet. The deep version of it has a big dyno from a ledge left and a crimp right. (you can see me on the picture holding the hold with the right hand after the dyno). The deep version is a bit harder than the "normal" way. The normal way is something around 7A/+ and the deep version I think is around 7B+, maybe if it's not so hot, it could be easier...

Yesterday I was at the "Schattental"-Sector at Chironico with the hope it's not too hot there. Wrong, it was very hot... I nearly could climb "powerstrips" but my hand slipped off a little crimp there... Otherwise, we climbed a few easy things. At the later afternoon, we then went to the river and took a bath in it.

Powerstrips (right hand the crimper I slipped off)

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