Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Chironico again!

Hello everybody,
How was your weekend?
Mine was perfect! At Saturday my friend Mischa and me went to Chrionico. Our Ticklist for today: Le Flipper(7B) and Selection Door(7A). After a little warmup and a hot tea, we went to "Le Fipper". I thought I just gonna try this boulder a few times and then go to "Selection Door" and give full throttle there.
Back to "Le Flipper", we arrived and placed our 3 Crashpads, we got with us. The moves until the dyno felt really good, in every try I could do it. The Dyno is very hard when you're gonna do it with only one hand dynamically to the top. Last time here, my friend did it with a double hand dyno. My thought was to do it same. I came closer every jump, but when I had the handle, I didn't knuckle it down. We made a little break, and eaten something. Then back to the boulder, sit down, startholds under my fingers, I said to myself: "You can do it", first move, easy, right to the sidehold, easy, left up, right up, left up, and again right up to a crimper, and I jumped. My left hand had the finish hold, I screamed with joy, and did the topout, full of happy feelings. For Mischa it shouldn't be today, he unfortunately couldn't do it.
Now we're at "Selection Door". I was a little bit tired because of the many tries of "Le Flipper" and I couldn't hold the scale again, like the last time I was here. We gave it a few tries, but then we had to say that it is to hard, and when we try it further, we couldn't do anything else, after.
One boulder, I had in my head, that i want to try. "Autopilot" it is called, and well known, a roof, with crimpers. Last time I was there, it felt really impossible for me. This time, it felt so good, first move very statically, with a hook left, then right hook and to the ledge. The move to the ledge I unfortunately couldn't do. Mischa either.
Now it is already half past 6 and Mischa had to go, and I was tired, too.
The day was great success for me, and we now have a project more for the next time :D

Thanks to Mischa, I have to say also, it was a super day!

Me in "Autopilot"

Me in "Le Flipper", TICK

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